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The Ultimate Guide To Jacksonville Beach

Located in Duval County, Florida, Jacksonville Beach is a resort coastal city. The city was incorporated in 1907, and was known at the time as Pablo Beach. It was later changed to Jacksonville Beach in the mid-1920s.

Jacksonville Beach is a part of a collective group of communities often referred to as Jacksonville Beaches. The communities in this group include:

• Atlantic Beach
• Neptune Beach
• Mayport
• Ponte Vedra Beach

After Jacksonville Beach was consolidated in 1968 with the county, Jacksonville Beach, along with Atlantic Beach decided to retain individual governments for their respective municipalities. This means that the residents of Jacksonville Beach can also vote in the elections for Jacksonville City. As of the census of 2010, Jacksonville Beach had a population of 21,362.


The immediate area that is located around present day Jacksonville Beach was settled by Spanish settlers. Missions were created and spread throughout St. Augustine and Mayport. However, Spain decided to cede the area to Great Britain by a treaty. Spain did regain control of the area before giving the area to the United States in 1821. American fishermen and pilots eventually established a port in Mayport.

In the 19th century, developers began to see that the area had a potential for growth as an oceanfront resort. The amusement park aspect of the town began in 1905, and developers expanded the area and called it Little Coney Island. The area was officially changed from Pablo Beach to Jacksonville Beach in 1925.


The architecture that is found in Jacksonville Beach is not defined to a certain style. The Casa Marina Hotel has a popular mission style that was very popular in the 1920s. In fact, the hotel was included in the National Register of Historic Places in September of 1993. The city is also home to a large collection of Mid-Century architecture.

Jacksonville Beach offers residents and visitors numerous attractions and a rich history. Its proximity to the ocean makes it an ideal vacation spot.